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Business & Sales Motivation: Confronting The Fears And Beliefs That Might Be Holding You Back

Being in the right mindset is so important. Negative thoughts and outside influences can ruin an entire day's productivity if you allow it to get the better of you. It’s so important to cultivate a positive attitude for you to allow yourself to meet your goals in life. Business and sales are a great example of highly competitive and challenging fields to be in. It can take a lot out of you, but can also be very rewarding in many different ways if you "weather" the challenges and “storms” that come along with it. As we all experience and enjoy the good times, how do you let slow periods, sales slumps, and client demands affect your mindset? Do you allow it to control you? Or are you more proactive in taking the right steps to work through those periods effectively? How can hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis help you along in your career and make you more effective?


The daily challenges that come along in life affect us all differently. Usually, what separates a successful outcome from an unsuccessful one is how you chose to respond and react to the situation or challenge. Life has it’s up’s and down’s and we all experience them differently. Creating the right mindset, attitude and belief systems are crucial to your success and happiness in life. Research is also beginning to support the many benefits positive thinking has on your mind. Not only does a positive mindset help you along in your daily life, but it has also shown to improve your overall health. Negative thoughts and outlooks have also shown to have the opposite effect. Creating negative thought loops can keep you in a holding pattern and create various types of self-sabotaging behavior. These self created blocks can be the cause of what is holding you back from attaining the success you always wanted or set out to achieve. There are many ways which you can effect change and release yourself from these old habits. How can hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis help you along to release and effect these changes?

What Self-Sabotaging Behaviours Hold You Back From Sales Success? There are a many different reasons you might be holding yourself back from your business or sales success. This article aims to go over some of the more common ones that many people experience. Becoming self-aware of these habits is the first step to creating positive change. There are many things that you cannot control in the business and sales world, but one of the things you can control is your composure and mindset. Working on these positive habits and being consistent with hard work will eventually lead to success.

One of the first and most common mistakes is failing to adequately prepare. Preparation and proper planning are key to managing a successful sales pipeline. Learn your product or service, know it inside and out. It’s important to develop an intimate familiarity with all its ins & outs so that you can be prepared for the worst. Practice your pitch. It makes perfect. Know how to explain your product/service clearly and concisely so that you don’t lose your prospective clients interest. Begin to wordy or technical are often the biggest mistakes you can make. Prepare and plan your daily schedule. Plan out your week so that you have a clear idea of your objectives and goals. You’ll waste less time during your day when calling out to prospective clients.

Another very important point that is holding you back from self-mastery is not being open to self-analyzing your current behaviours. Successful people constantly try to improve on themselves. They look at what has worked as well as what hasn’t worked so well. By looking back at the week and going over your mishaps, it’s a great opportunity to think of ways to overcome them in future or to develop long term plans on how to deal with these situations better. Using hypnosis and practicing self-hypnosis can help these changes along by creating a deep self-awareness.

How Can Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Can Help You Change Your Sales Mindset? The mind is highly adaptable and change is possible if you are consciously willing to work hard towards effecting positive change. Making lists and targeting areas about yourself you would like to improve on greatly improves your success when using hypnosis. Hypnosis can be viewed as a deeper form of mediation with a specific goal in mind. By guiding yourself into a state of hypnosis, you are effectively bypassing the critical faculty of the mind and are able to directly affect change within your subconscious.

By accessing old beliefs or subconscious memories, it allows you to become self-aware of old self-sabotaging behaviours. You can them re-frame or view those old beliefs in a new and more positive light. This process is effective at creating change when practiced regularly. It can help you along in your journey to becoming the best possible version of you.

If you have any questions, interested in trying out a session, or getting a personalized self-hypnosis tape made, please reach out and feel free to send me an e-mail.

Written By: Sebastian Di Cesare PhD, CHt - a research scientist & practicing Certified Hypnotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada

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