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Meditation & Self-Hypnosis: Behind The Science That Can Change Your Mind For The Better

Mediation and mindfulness techniques have been around for a very long time. There are many documented benefits and multiple studies have shown proven results in taking the time to quiet your mind, focus and concentrate your thoughts. From increasing brain plasticity, to sleeping better, to helping you increase your telomerase activity, the list is quite long! Self-Hypnosis is a form of guided meditation that has an actual goal or purpose in mind. It’s very safe, effective and can change your life for the better. How can you use self-hypnosis to attain certain goals or objectives? How can you learn to use self-hypnosis?


Fast paced living and busy schedules can leave us with very little time to take care of ourselves. Failing to be mindful of our overall well being over prolonged periods of time can take a real toll on our health. Proper diet and regular exercise are what most people focus on as it is a very important part of taking care of our physical bodies. Few stop and wonder what they should do to take care of their mind. Your thoughts, emotions and mental well being are just as important as eating well and proper physical exercise. There are many things you can do to help out your brain and in turn will improve multiple facets of your health in the long run.

A study at the University of California, Davis have shown that meditators have significantly higher telomerase activity than non-meditators. What is telomerase? Well, in short, they are enzymes that maintain the “ends” of our DNA and help “stem” any loss of genetic information from our chromosomes over the course of our lives. This in turn helps extend our lives by decelerating the aging process as well has helps protect us from developing cancer.

Moreover, meditation and self-hypnosis helps increase our brain plasticity (neuroplasticity) which increases it’s ability to adapt and change. Therefore you have a greater ability to learn, control emotion and change your thoughts and undesired beliefs. This article aims to educate and inform on the many benefits of meditation and self-hypnosis. It also helps to answer questions on how to get started safely if you are interested in practicing it.

Meditation & Self-Hypnosis, How They Lead You To A Better Life The inner functioning of the mind still remains a mystery to neuroscientists and scientific community alike. The vast and complex networks of trillions of neuronal synapses allow all of our brain cells to communicate with each other. The system is extremely complex and every day we are getting closer and closer to a better understanding of what is going on in our minds. Recent studies have shown that by being mindful, mediating and sustaining positive emotions can have very big effect on our happiness and overall health in the long term.

An incredible finding from a study performed at the Massachusetts General Hospital asked 60 patients with high blood pressure to mediate. Results showed a significant reduction in blood pressure as well as medication dosage prescribed in 40 of the patients enrolled. A plausible mechanistic reason is that relaxation results in the formation of nitric oxide which helps de-constrict blood vessels. Based on all these very positive findings, incorporating mindfulness, meditation and self-hypnosis into your daily schedule can have a big impact on your overall health.

How Hypnotherapy & Self-Hypnosis Can Help You There are many books out there that can teach you how to practice meditation and self-hypnosis safely. I highly recommend going to your local library as you will find many different types of books based on your specific goals and objectives. Mediation primarily focuses on clearing your mind and quieting thoughts without any specific objective in mind. It is a great way to unwind and help clear your conscious and critical mind before sleep.

Self-Hypnosis, consists of a guided meditative state, where depth of hypnotic trance may be slightly deeper. You can make yourself a tape, listen to it, and incorporate many positive suggestions that you would like to deliver deep into your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy sessions can help you overcome any specific subconscious blocks you may have so that positive suggestions surrounding your goals and objectives will be much or effective and well received.

If you have any questions, interested in trying out a session, or getting a personalized self-hypnosis tape made, please reach out and feel free to send me an e-mail.

Written By: Sebastian Di Cesare PhD, CHt - a research scientist & practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada.

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