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The Power of Letting Go: How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Let Go Of Past Relationships & Bad Memori

Relationships can be challenging, especially if you are not right for each other or meant to be with each other. What’s worse is that once they end, we tend to use past experiences as a blueprint for a path forward. It’s human nature, but it does hold us back from living our best possible life. Your past is an accumulation of experience and accumulated wisdom. If bad experiences are viewed as successful lessons as opposed to a predetermined fate, then you allow yourself to grow and achieve your full potential. Growth usually tends to be a painful process, but once we break through we reach new heights. How can you teach yourself to let go of self-limiting past experiences? How can Hypnotherapy help you along with this process?


The feeling of being slighted, a bad past relationship, feelings of being hurt or betrayed, these are experiences most people come across throughout their life. Why do most people tend to hold on to these painful memories and keep letting them come up in their present life? Simply put, it offers a sense of security, familiarity and justification. Nothing is scarier than the unfamiliar. We all tend to to stay within our comfort zone as it makes us feel safe. As an example, remember the time you were learning to ride your first bike? The fear of letting go, the fear of taking off the training wheels? How many times did you fall and scrape your knees attempting a successful launch? Remember how good it felt once you finally got the hang of it? You felt more in control, the power of learning and mastering something new. The wonderful feeling of freedom and seeing the world in a whole new light. Old life stories of pain and failure are somewhat similar. Letting them go and being able to move on and learn to achieve success in your life can be just as powerful and liberating. Not being able to let go of past stories can be holding you back in life.

Past Relationships, How Do They Affect Us Moving Forward? If you allow past experiences to predetermine future relationships and outcomes then you are severely limiting what could possibly be. For example, memories of childhood and how you perceived your parents marriage creates beliefs that the same bad experiences are in store for you. You allow memories of being hurt or being betrayed in early relationships set the stage for future events and outcomes.

All of these feelings and emotions can get in the way if you are unable or unwilling to let them go. Yes, they were painful. Yes, most likely you hold a very large fear that they will happen again, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Believe it or not, only you are in control of what happens to you. How you choose to perceive and behave with regards to specific life events is completely in your control. Painful events are valuable life lessons and only make you stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead.

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Let Go & Move Past It Throughout life, different interactions and relationships we develop with people can have a lasting effect in our lives. The most important thing that you can do throughout the entire process is allow yourself forgiveness for making the mistake. There is nothing more powerful than self-forgiveness when trying to let go.

Hypnotherapy can help you make these changes at a very deep subconscious level. If you are consciously seeking to make these changes and are ready to move on, let go and forgive yourself, hypnotherapy can give you a helping hand. Whether it’s by revisiting past memories and viewing them in a different way or by compromising with a part of you that just won’t let go. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you move on, let go, forgive yourself. You can then allow yourself to view your present and future life with greater optimism and positivity.

If you would like to learn more or have any questions feel free to reach out to the author. Click on the name below and send an email.

Written By: Sebastian Di Cesare PhD, CHt - a research scientist & practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Vancouver, Canada.

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